Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flat Stanley is headed to Georgia!!!

Ok everyone! It's finally time to get this adventure started!!!
Flat Stanley and his book, are headed to Georgia!!!!!!
Keep tuned in! Once I receive his pics, they will be up here and he will be headed to the next place ( which is a secret because I like suspense!!!!)

Have a great day!!
Love, JL

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flat Stanley Starts his adventure in........


The Kaylor family, took Flat Stanley around to some of the fun places in our town!
Hannibal is a neat place to live, it is the boyhood home of Mark Twain, the famous author who wrote books like, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! We love to live right on the Mississippi River and pretend like we are Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher and Huck Finn!!! We like to go fishing ( we never catch anything, hehe ) and it is so fun to live right beside the Famous Mark Twain Cave! Did you know Hannibal is also the birthplace of the "unsinkable Molly Brown" the famous Titanic Survivor??
Here are some fun pictures of Flat Stanley ( who is actually from our friend Zack Smith!) and some of the fun things we did!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Flat Stanley Is On His Way!!

Flat Stanley is ready to go!! We are waiting for the book to come in the mail, then he will be headed to his first stop! He has been all around Hannibal, MO with my family, we used Zack Smiths AWESOME flat stanley that he sent us! We are sending that one back to him, and making one for the penpal project, but we will be posting the pictures of his first adventure here in Hannibal tonight!!
As soon as the book comes in, we will be mailing the book, Flat Stanley and a letter explaining what to do ... to the first family!!! After they have finished, they will sign the book, and send their pictures to me. I will post the pictures on the blog, and then give them the next families address. The book and Flat Stanley will then head to that family! Around and around he goes, until we are all done, and he will be sent back to me. You guys will be able to check out his adventures on this blog and also any updates on our regular websites www.ldsforeverfamilies.webs.com and www.ldshomeschoolersRus.blogspot.com
This is going to be so fun! Im so excited! What a way to end a fantastic school year with our LDS Penpals!!!!
Love, JL